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Raw dairy suppliers

Case for untreated milk:

About the heat treatment of milk:

Thermised milk is raw milk that has been heated for at least 15 seconds at a temperature between 57 °C and 68 °C.  Pasteurisation is a process by which milk is  is heated to 71.7 °C  for 15–20 seconds. So pasteurisation involves higher temperatures than thermisation but both processes heat the milk to above biological temperature and damage important nutrients and biological factors.  Many cheeses described as 'unpasteurised' are in fact thermised and therefore not truly raw - it's worth checking with the supplier if you want genuinely raw cheese.

In the UK:

(click on name of dairy for further information) raw organic cows milk and butter delivered to your door anywhere in the country

Emma's Organic Dairy - organic raw milk in the north of England and throughout the UK; Rare Breed Shorthorn Cows,superior quality natural milk 

Organic raw milk - organic raw milk in the north of England

Beaconhill Farm  fresh unpasteurised jersey cows milk and cream, mail order around the country.  To order, call  01531 640 275 or 07986 329 081.  John farms in an organic manner i.e. no artificial fertiliser, no pesticides and no prophylactic antibiotics (Dry Cow Therapy). 

Dreamers Farm  deliveries of raw Jersey cows milk in Glastonbury area. Jersey milk is exceptionally nutritious.

Hurdlebrook Farm  Raw milk and cheese from Guernsey cows in Babcary, Somerset and online.

Blackburne & Haynes  Meadow Cottage, Churt Rd, Headley, Bordon  01428 712155  Raw jersey agrochemical-free milk.

Lubcloud Dairy, raw cows milk from farm or delivered.

Blessed Organic:  raw organic milk delivery, all over the country, cold and fresh, within hours of milking.   delivery in London on Monday ring Max 07877315216

Wheelbirks  Dairy Farm High and Tom Richardson, Stocksfield, Northumberland NE43 7HY, 0661 842613, 07717 282014  buy milk at the farm or contact them for delivery, Jersey cows

Modbury Farm, Dorset, delicious raw jersey milk available from the farm shop.

Plaw Hatch Farm, Forest Row, biodynamic raw milk and cream from cows with horns! Plawhatch La, Sharpthorne, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4JL, 01342 810652

Raw sheep milk, Top Paddock Dairy, Horsham, Sussex,

Raw goats milk: Bevital Biodynamic goats milk sent out frozen by mail order.

Raw milk: Slack House Farm, Gilsland, Cumbria, tel 016977 47351

Raw Goats’ Cheese:  truckles of Allerdale available mail order from Thornby Moor Dairy, Crofton Hall, Thursby, Carslisle, CA5 6QB, Cumbria, 01697 345555   

Raw cheese (not all of their cheeses are raw) at Country Cheeses, shops in Totnes, Tavistock and Topsham or shipped out, you can email or phone them:

Raw (unpasteurised) goats, ewe's and cows cheese in Better Foods shop, Bristol. 

Kefir Culture: available from this site, click here

Raw milk, cheese and butter: red23 

Yoghurt made from raw milk cannot legally be sold in shops although you can make it yourself at home very easily by mixing a couple of spoonfuls live yoghurt with body warm milk and leaving in a thermos flask overnight.  Kefir is easier to make and is a more powerful form of yoghurt so can be used as well.

Cheese Startaer: available from Moorlands Cheesemakers

Other Raw Dairy Producers listed at



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In France:

this website has a map of all the raw milk dispensers throughout France:

In the US:

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For info on obtaining raw milk worldwide:


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